Frequently Asked Questions

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How many movers should I hire?

In order to find the best number of movers you need to hire, it would be best to consult with your relocation consultant.

What movers won’t move?

Most licensed movers won’t move flammable items, living organisms and liquids. Some companies have licenses for moving plants, while there are others that will move your liquids in specialized boxes.

Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Sometimes movers are cheaper on weekdays, because most of the people would like to move on weekends. If you are flexible with the moving date and your local movers offer cheaper rates on weekdays, why wouldn’t you save some dollars?

Which packers and movers are good?

In order to find the best packers and movers, we suggest taking a quick search of movers near you via yelp or google. After a few phone calls, you can weigh in the options and choose the most appropriate packers and movers for you.

Are movers licensed?

Professional moving companies are licensed and insured. Make sure to always check this with your relocation specialist.

When to book movers?

The best time to book movers is as soon as possible. No matter if you are planning to move next week or next month, most good companies get booked up pretty fast so make sure to lock down your place fast.

Can movers move plants?

Most licensed moving companies are not allowed to move plans due to liability reasons.

Will movers move spices?

Usually, movers can move everything that won’t spill in the truck and cause damage and leakage on other belongings. Make sure to store and move your dry spices properly and for all liquids try using plastic bins to move them.

How much do movers charge?

Provided you choose a professional moving company; they might charge a bit higher than a three-star-rated company. By doing a simple research on Yelp and via Google search, you can find the best budget-friendly company for you.

Are movers essential services?

Yes, movers are considered to be essential services even during pandemics.

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