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As somebody who owns a business, we know how challenging that can be. Especially if the business is expanding and you need to move into the new office space. Commercial movers Denver are the right way to go if you want to save some time and to move everything efficiently and without stress. Our office movers Denver will accommodate your move the best way possible! They will protect everything and they will make sure that everything is transported in the safest way possible. We understand that you have a lot of heavy and expensive equipment, that is why we will send specially trained movers for heavy lifting! They will double protect the more fragile items and they will use dollies in order to move heavier pieces of furniture. All of that free of charge, of course!

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Why are we the most affordable commercial moving company

For starters, our rates are transparent and competitive. We have an all inclusive hourly rate and we tend to keep our price as low as possible, so everyone can afford our services! It is important for us that our customers are satisfied with everything that we are giving them and we offer different kinds of discounts as well. What are you receiving if you go with our company?

Affordable prices and an all inclusive hourly rate

Professional heavy lifting with no additional charge

Quality equipment and packing materials included in the price

Efficient loading and unloading process

Moving dollies included in the hourly rate

Always available customer support team

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We can provide the Certificate of insurance, if the building needs that form of insurance

If your office is within a building that needs the Certificate of insurance, or maybe you are moving into that type of building that is not a problem for Denver Local Moving Company. Like every licensed and insured company, we can provide you with the Certificate of insurance. The only thing that we will be needing on your end are building’s requirements. Afterwards, everything will be done on our behalf. If you are not sure if you would need a Certificate of insurance, consult with your HOA. You can inform us about it after you make a reservation with us - it will not be a problem to provide the Certificate at any time prior to the move.

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Our commercial movers Denver can offer a lot more than just moving

We are a full service moving company, that means that our commercial movers Denver can help you with every aspect of your move. Besides providing full moving service, we can provide the most professional packing services in Denver or just a partial packing if you need some of your belongings shipped or moved into a storage. How our services look like:

Partial packing - Besides having the best office movers in Denver, we have specially trained packers that can help with different types of packing. They can partially pack your belongings ( for example only miscellaneous items or a couple of pieces of furniture that you need help with ) and they will provide the best service you can imagine!

Full packing - This means that we will pack everything that you have. This included quality packing materials, special dedication from our movers and completely protecting your belongings, even double protecting the more fragile ones.

Moving and packing - We usually like to do this type of service in 2 separate days. First will be packing and second one will be moving. Our movers and packers will make a special plan in order for everything to go perfectly.

Moving only - If you have the time to pack everything on your own and you only need help with moving, you should hire the best office movers in Denver. Denver Local Moving Company has reliable movers that will help with protecting everything before loading and will safely unload it at the final destination. Contact us to hear more!

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That’s right, you can make your reservation right away! You just need to contact us and everything else will be done by our representative. They will ask you several questions about your move and then provide you with the all inclusive hourly rate with no additional charges. Contact us right now and hear your free price estimate!