Best Neighborhoods In Denver

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Welcome to Denver where all of neighborhood’s are welcoming and uprising. In recent years, there has been a growth in Denver’s migrations.

In full honesty it was really difficult to choose only 3 best neighborhoods, but we managed to pick our top prospering neighborhoods in Denver.

Lower Downtown (LoDo)

Downtown Denver or famously known as LoDo is the perfect mix of urban and old. One part of the town includes an abundance of skyscrapers while the other, older one is filled with charming old buildings.  There are a plethora of bars, caffes, shops and markets around here. LoDo was once only for business professionals who don’t have time to spend outdoors. However, today, Lodo has Riverfront Park which is brimming with outdoor activities, places for barbecue and picnic.

However, keep in mind that downtown is not as spacious as the rest of the neighborhoods. It is really difficult to find a place that can hold a family of 4.


Next on our list had to be Uptown. Unlike the Lower Downtown, this is a true family-oriented neighborhood. Even though it is one of the Denver’s older neighborhoods, it is building rapidly. There are skyscrapers spinning out of nowhere in the last decade, mixing with Victorian houses. It is one of the safest places to live in Denver as well. Provided you want a beaming time and still places to eat and have fun, Uptown has it all. Nowadays there is plethora of shops, cafes and restaurants and if that is not enough there is a short commute to Downtown.  Now, lets talk about the best thing about Uptown – City Park. A 330-acre nature park that boarders Washington Park for the city’s best green space.  Denver Zoo and museums are situated here as well.


When choosing our top three neighborhoods, we wanted to show you what Denver can offer. From prospering businesses, family-oriented communities to diversity. Highland is full of The Italian-Americans who inhabited this area centuries ago. This influenced the culture and diversity in Denver.  From the shops, bistros and amazing restaurants Highland is brimming with culture and new and upcoming artists.

Highland is not in the very heart of Denver, which provides it spaces and proximity to Colorado’s stunning nature. From these three, this is the most affordable and uprising neighborhoods. There is plenty of new condos being built, plenty of businesses being moved here.

The best is yet to come.

If you are in need to move around Denver, do not even hesitate for a second. There are small and surprising places to see, nature to explore and charming people to meet. If you are in need of the best local movers to assist you with your local move, we are only a phone call away.

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